The Road Of Six

In April of 2009 I started to record music again with Neilson Hubbard producing. This recording was a labor of love and literally almost six years in the making.
“March” is a song I wrote for my husband on our wedding day.  It's a special song also because our daughter’s, (Lula Blue), heartbeat in-utero begins and ends the song.

One of my dear friends Tim Easton coined “JPMFYF”. It's considered by some to be a controversial song - in my opinion, I think the message is positive and moving!

“Sky Falls” is a song originally about depression and the longing to get out of the tunnel that one can sometimes fall into.

“Back Home” is a song about a boy I met when I was 13 years old.  His name was Edmund Byrd. He died in car crash in 1984. He was very special to me given the short amount of time that I knew him.

“Poor Old Town” is a song I wrote after watching “Coal Miner's Daughter” for the 2000th time. I wrote it in my bathroom on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

In 1983, when I was 13, I heard a voice come out of the speakers at a party I was attending. I literally did not move until the song was over. The band was “The Blue Nile”. I fell head over heels for Paul Buchanan, the writer and lead singer. I have always wanted to re-record his song “Let's Go Out Tonight” and after so many years and changes in my life, it needed to be on “The Road of Six”. For me, it brings this project together so well almost as if I was writing in my journal.

I began calling this record “My Little Cupcake” because it was my first solo work in such a very long time. I was not prepared for how it turned out and now I call it “My Little Wedding Cake”.  It's far and beyond anything I could have expected. Thanks to Neilson Hubbard for working with me and making me feel so comfortable. I got to witness how beautifully aware he is of his craft and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for his vision and genius!

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